William Cain , Sr.

M, #1350, b. 1700, d. 27 December 1781
Last Edited: 20 Aug 2013
  • Biography*: Note, Source: Linda Boyd - There were two sets of Cain families in early Bladen Co., NC. The progenitor of both was named William Cain. They lived on opposite sides of Cape Fear which kept the families separated until 1835 (from Jason Bordeaux's research).

    Occupation: Planter
    His plantation was located on 'Cain's Camp' in the Black Swamp area of Bladen County, NC.

    Note from Jason Bordeaux: William Cain arrived in Bladen County, NC before 1735.

    Bought 640 acres on the NW side of the Cape Fear River in NC.

    3 DEC., 1753.
    Register of Deeds Office, Bladen County, NC, Deed Book 19, page 566. 3 Dec., 1753 Register records a sell of 200 acres of land on the Southside of the Great Swamp or Big Swamp to Joseph Regan, Jr. See Joseph Regan, Jr. [Indv. #24]. 1791.

    29 OCT., 1775.
    Bladen County, NC Abstracts of Wills, 1734-1900 lists the Will of Thomas Robeson, Sr. Reads as follows -
    Name: Thomas Robeson, Sr.
    Will date: 29 Oct., 1775.
    Probate date: 9 Nov., 1775. (Nuncupative Will)
    Sons: Peter, Thomas.
    Other Legatee: James Council.
    Witnesses: William Cain and wife, Olive Cain. Joseph Cain and wife, Ann Cain.
    Sworn before Thomas Owen, Esq., one of his Majesties Justices of the Peace.

    10 FEB., 1781.
    Bladen County, NC Abstracts of Wills, 1734-1900 lists the Will of William Cain, Sr. Reads as follows -
    Name: William Cain (Planter)
    Will Date: 10 Feb., 1781.
    Wife: Olive.
    Sons: Joseph, Samuel, John, James.
    Grandson: Samuel Cain, son of Samuel and Lucy Cain.
    Son-in-law: Geo. Willis (Lands known as "Cains Camp").
    Executors: Samuel and John Cain (sons).
    Witnesses: Richard Singletary, Jno. Cain, Sam'l Cain.
  • Birth*: William was born in 1700.
  • Marriage*: He married Sarah? Regan? circa 1728.
  • Marriage*: He married Olive Regan circa 1734.
  • Death*: William died on 27 Dec 1781 at Bladen County, NC. Will date 10 Feb., 1781.

Family 1:

Sarah? Regan?


Joseph Cain b. c 1729, d. a 1798
?? Cain+ b. c 1731

Family 2:

Olive Regan b. c 1715, d. c 1797


Samuel Cain , Sr.+ b. c 1733, d. a 1781
Mary Cain b. c 1736
Private James Cain , Sr.+ b. c 1738, d. 28 Mar 1826
John Cain b. c 1740, d. a 1798
William Cain , Jr. b. c 1742
Martha Cain b. c 1746
Olive Cain 'Olivia' b. c 1748
Hannah Cain b. c 1750