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Some descendants of Johann Philip Sauer (Sowers) (1735 - 1784) and Christina Faust - This is a link into the "All the Families" web page.

Locations: The descendants lived in Davidson County, NC; & VA. 

Name variations: Sowers, Sauer, Sauers

Links to other Sowers related web pages:

        Sowers Forum

Other links:

        SAUER List: Sauer-L-request@rootsweb.com

Sources: Charles Beaty;  Betty Jo Beck;  Giles Berrier; Ed Blackwelder; Marty Cavenagh; Dorothy Crane; Pat Juon; Roger Keister; Annetta Kelly; Ashley Lay; Jan McCoy; Wilson Muhlheim; Bidget Nifong; Mike Raamsey; Anne Reynolds; Barbara Rice;  Betty Sowers;  Gene Sowers;  Mary Ann Sowers; Oscar Sowers; Tami Tackett; Melanie Taylor; Timothy Walker

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