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Some descendants of Hans Adam Kuntz [Koontz] (circa 1650 - ) and Elizabeth Edelman - This is a link into the "All the Families" web page.

Locations: The descendants lived in Davidson County, NC; PA; & VA. 

Name variations: Koonce, Koons, Koonts, Koontz, Kounts, Kuntz, and Kuntzin

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Sources: Bil Brasington;  Joe & Bleasha Carroll;  Patricia Gurley;  Marian Hampton;  Mary House;  Gail Kepley;  Mitch Kepley;  Sharon King; Betty Koonts;  Dr. Calvin Koonts;  Kimberly Koonts;  Lonnie Koonts;  Mary Koonts;  Alan Koontz;  David Koontz;  Doug & Maxine Koontz;  Jerry Koontz;  Jody Koontz;  Lee Koontz;  Walter Koontz;  Melba Melton;  Robyn Orchard;  Judy Porter;  Barbara Rice;  Mary Jo Shoaf;  Loreta Sink;  Roxie Sink;  Treva Smith;  Wilbur & Martha Smoot;  Peggy Snider;  Betty Sowers

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